Bring a world of coding and creating to your classroom. Bursting with a variety of hardware and software, the Maker Kit is made for the classroom and provides everything you need to unleash your students’ creativity.

Full Maker Solution with School Pro Plan includes:

  • 66+ STEAM lessons aligned to Year 1, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
  • 75+ Maker Task Cards
  • Designed for teachers of all levels of coding and STEAM experience
  • Access to SAM Studio provides a simple, visual way of coding for every teacher and student. SAM Studio enables students to use virtual blocks during remote learning(Access to SAM Spaces and SAM Blockly, with unlimited access for teachers and students within one school)
  • Unlimited Saving of your projects in the SAM Studio and direct sharing projects feature
  • Access to exclusive support hours with our Educational Consultants
  • 2 Licenses to access SAM Labs Professional Development Course for Educators, Provided within the first year after first sign up to SAM Labs School Pro Subscription
  • Maker Kit - Classroom size which comes with responsive, bluetooth-enabled blocks that connect to SAM Studio - an easy to use browser based software. 

What's in the Kit

  • 2 x Button
  • 2 x RGB LED
  • 1 x Proximity Sensor
  • 1 x Heat Sensor
  • 1 x Buzzer
  • 1 x Tilt Sensor
  • 1 x Light Sensor
  • 1 x Pressure Sensor
  • 2 x Slider
  • 4 x DC Motor
  • 1 x Servo Motor
  • 4 x Wheel
  • 2 x SAM Controller
  • 2 x SAM Car Chassis
  • 2 x Roller Ball
  • 6 x LEGO Gear Attachment
  • 4 x Large LEGO Holder
  • 2 x Slider LEGO Holder
  • 11 x Small LEGO Holder
  • 2 x Multi Micro USB Cable

With the help of these materials, your students will be able to achieve their goals and their success will be limitless. This solution will help your students to become more engaged and motivated to learn, they gain a better understanding of core skills like computational thinking.