To successfully teach STEAM & Coding implement SAM Labs’ easy-to-use solutions, that enable students to conduct experiments, solve problems, and design prototypes. The SAM Labs STEAM & Coding solutions include practical curriculum-aligned courses, Bluetooth-connected hardware blocks, and interactive software - ready-made to master computational thinking.

Creators Specialty Solution with a School Pro Plan includes:

  • Affordable, 1-1 or 2-1 model means students can make their kit their own
  • Portable and flexible- Comes in a tray with snap-shut lid for easy transportation and storage
  • Facilitates in-school or at-home set up for schools or districts
  • Unlimited Saving of your projects in the SAM Studio and direct sharing projects feature
  • Access to exclusive support hours with our Educational Consultants
  • 2 Licenses to access SAM Labs Professional Development Course for Educators, Provided within the first year after first sign up to SAM Labs School Pro Subscription
  • 15 packs of STEAM Creators Series kits that come with responsive, bluetooth-enabled blocks that connect to SAM STudio - an easy to use browser based software. 

What's in the Kit

  • Strawbees STEAM Starter Pack
  • 1 Slider
  • 1 Servo Motor
  • 50 Pipe cleaners
  • 2 Servo Motor attachments
  • Ping pong ball
  • 2 LEGO© Casings
  • USB Charging Cable

With the help of these materials, your students will be able to achieve their goals and their success will be limitless. This solution will help your students to become more engaged and motivated to learn, they gain a better understanding of core skills like computational thinking.